Turn-offs on your profile; Words you must avoid

In the world of online dating, there are millions of account profiles to see. And with each profile, comes its own description. Many times, you would come across profiles that are outright embarrassing or disgust you. The owners of these profiles, use words that are turnoffs for most people. There are particular words that you should avoid using on your profile to prevent scaring away potential partners. They are the kill switches in the universe of adult dating and are destructive in their own right. This article gives you an outline of profile descriptive words that should not be in your dating dictionary and what to do to ensure you have the right effect on people viewing your profile.

Gender-independent words

Whether you are a guy or a lady, there are particular words you should definitely avoid using on your profile. Descriptive words like cheerful, introvert and reserved are not the way to go. Even if you indeed have these qualities, suck it up and keep quiet about them. Nobody cares if you are cheerful and even though quietness is an attractive trait in a lady, your potential hookup partners are looking for fun. Nobody wants someone they would be struggling to have a conversation with. If you want to be an introvert, then don’t create your profile in the first place! Another major turnoff is describing yourself as spiritual. Like really?! Let’s face it, adult dating apps and sites are for a purpose not so ‘spiritual’. You would end up chasing away virtually everyone who comes across your profile. The purpose of dating sites is to help people gain sexual gratification, without the supposed excesses of a normal emotional relationship. Most people are here, for very short-term flings. Note that there are a million and one other profiles, they can be looking at. Sell yourself out with appropriate descriptive words.

As a Guy

As a guy, words like reliable and dependable are a big no. Come on, you are not a spiritual deity. And by the way, saying it out makes you look less trustworthy. Like you are trying to prove a point or nullify opposing charges against you. Nobody is looking for trustworthy, sexy is what. Another word to avoid is energetic; This could easily give the idea of someone who can be aggressive, struggling to look energetic, or someone just unstable. Humans are predisposed to thinking of things in a negative light. Don’t encourage this fault. One more word for you to avoid as a guy is deferential or full of respect. You might see words like loving, considerate, respectful and sweet as appropriate words for you. But in reality, what your profile viewers see is a guy who is likely living with his mom or just some weak guy who cannot take charge. You don’t want to come off as some cute pet. Instead, you want to appear as a guy who knows what he wants and is ready to get it.

As a Lady

Treading lightly on this subject, because most people prefer women with curves and an hourglass shape. However, terms like curvaceous are now too common and few people see anything special in such descriptions. The meaning of the word curvy has lost its savor. Another word like eloquent is not meant for dating sites. You are not in a presidential debate or running a campaign. You want to get laid! No man is looking for a woman to discuss political issues with. It’s nice to know you are well-spoken, but use simpler words! Men just don’t have the time for big words. Words like ‘rational’ are just… well thank God for you. ‘Romantic’, really? This can be discouraging to men as they suck at being romantic. Most men see romantic as having sex with a woman and feel that way, they appear caring, kind and respectful.

Reversal; Words you can use

Various research has been done to determine appropriate words that can be used and evaluate their positive effects when on your profile. One good thing, is that they work irrespective of your gender whether you are a guy or a lady.

The simple word; Sexy

Not only describing physical appearance, sexy goes deep down to character traits like self-assurance. Be sexy in your own eyes. When words like confident, fit and sexy are used, you would have your profile viewers wanting to know more about you.

Variations to the initially outlined words

Using words like honest or sincere, sound better than reliable or dependable. They are more soothing and give the effect of simplicity.

A word like passionate fits in better than energetic. Using the word gives you an air of calm but yet fiery tendencies. You are not going to slack when things start to get heated.

Funny is a word that’s a good fit for your profile. However, if you are not funny naturally, then do not use the word at all. Because, you would be creating an expectation you would be required to fulfill. Don’t depend on composed jokes for you humor. Better if it’s not there than you being under pressure.

Not everyone would be exclusive with you

Do not assume your partner would be looking for an exclusive relationship. Many people would want to be involved with multiple partners and you should be prepared for this. Exclusivity should just be an added bonus but not an expectation. In the end, communication is key. What you both want should be discussed beforehand to avoid future confusion and drama.

In Conclusion

Your profile is the first thing any individual searching for a potential partner would see. Setting it up following the right steps would give you an edge over the numerous less-enlightened others. Some descriptive words are taboo and should not be on your profile. To you, they might seem harmless but can have different meanings in other people’s eyes. Pick simple words that describe you as passionate, sexy and fun to be with. Only after meeting you, can you now reveal the hidden, sophisticated and daring side to you. Words go a long way and a choosing the right ones can make your profile stand out from many others.

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