The Important Difference Between Casual Dating and Casual Sex!

Many people think that casual dating and casual sex are the same thing, but the truth is that they’re actually quite different concepts. Understanding the difference between the two is very important if you’re looking to get laid, since there are varying expectations with each. Whether you’re looking for someone to spend lots of time with or just looking for a quick fling, knowing the difference between casual dating and casual sex will ensure that you hook up with people who want the same thing you do.

What is casual dating?

Casual dating means you get to define the boundaries of your relationships. Depending on what you and your partner agree on, casual dating might mean simply meeting up with someone for dinner and conversation, dating several people at the same time, or dating with the understanding that neither is ready for a more serious relationship. You can casually date someone for as long as you’d like, and it can go as far into sexual territory as the two of you agree. Some people will date several people at the same time, and later, one of those relationships could blossom into something more serious. For others, there is more fun to be had by meeting lots of different people and not feeling pressured to take things further than one likes.

The difference between casual dating and casual sex

The main difference between casual dating and casual sex is that the latter typical comes with no strings attached. Like, none at all. When you’re having casual sex, it might be a one-night stand, where you hook up with someone and never see them again. Or you might have a regular fuck buddy, someone you meet up with to have sex and nothing more. In either case, you generally meet up for sex, and when that’s over, you each go your separate ways. With casual dating, there might be sex involved, but there may also be dates like movies, dinners, and theme parks. You won’t see this type of stuff with casual sex.

Can casual sex turn into casual dating?

Of course, whenever you are intimate with someone, there’s a chance that you’ll develop feelings. If that happens, casual sex can definitely turn into casual dating, where maybe you start meeting up outside the bedroom to learn more about one another. Or maybe you just want someone you like to spend time with. If you aren’t a fan of eating alone or going to theme parks by yourself, a fuck-buddy-turned-casual-friend could be perfect to bring along. However, the most important thing to remember is that when you move from just sex to something more, you’ll become more invested in the relationship. You’ll come to expect more, and if you don’t get it, you might find yourself hurt. It’s imperative that you and your friend completely understand the ground rules for whatever relationship you have to ensure that you continue to have a good time.

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