The Diary of the Gay Woman; Lesbian Relationship Advice

The acceptance of homosexual relationships as a social norm came into being just only recently. As basically every other person is heterosexual, being a lesbian can be a bit challenging. First comes the discrimination. Not many people are comfortable with having homosexuals around and it can be really distressing. This has made many lesbians hide their sexualities. Then comes the challenge of discovering other similarly-inclined girls, letting them know that you are sexually interested and possibly advancing into an intimate relationship. All these steps are really challenging especially when you are still insecure about your sexuality. However, there are a lot of people out there who are even intrigued by homosexuals. They would love to make friends with you and associate with you. Also, there are many lesbians out there who are secretly scouting for potential partners. A major change can occur in your sexual life if you find your way into the proper community of individuals. This article specifically targets a lesbian audience and gives ideas on how you can maneuver through life as a lesbian and maximize your sexuality for pleasure.

Get to Know More Girls

You are a girl, you are into girls, so it is intuitive to have as many girl friends as possible to maximize your chances of meeting a sexual partner. Some girls can become your very close friends and if they are in interested, dating can be so much easier. Places where intimate girl-friendships can reach know no bounds. Additionally, in general people meet other people in real life through common friends. Girls are very loyal to their friends. If you have a female friend who you are close to, she is in the know of what you desire. And as such, she is likely to want to set you up with similarly-inclined girls just to make you happy. So, get as many female friends as you can. Things don’t necessarily have to get sexual between you two, but it can open doors for opportunities to meet and socialize with new people and potential partners. Also, you have someone you can rely on. Whenever you are going through issues with a partner, your friends are there to give you advice on what to do. Friendships are powerful, create them!

Be Flexible in Your Choice for a Partner

You should be ready to get sexually involved with a woman who is not strictly gay. Many women these days prefer to keep their sexuality as bisexual. As many guys won’t mind dating a bisexual lady, you shouldn’t too. Don’t be so hung up on strictly dating a lesbian. So many bisexuals find women as sexually attractive as a fully gay woman does. Humans are highly dynamic beings and we can suddenly feel the need to experiment with our sexualities. In reality, most bisexual women tend to tip the scales towards lesbianism. Don’t let the idea that she has been with men before ruin your chances for an awesome date. Let your natural impulses take over when you see a potential partner who is also showing interest in you. Give as many girls as possible a chance, because you don’t know which one of them might work. Don’t let sexualities discourage you. Remember, your sexuality is also special and you sought acceptance for a while. This is probably how they feel too, so be open-minded and disposed towards flexibility. As times passes, in a relationship where you truly have affection for the other person, sexuality considerations would no matter to you. And you would just love them for who they are.

Always Do You

This is an important criterion you should give attention to when in any relationship including homosexual ones. You should not live your life to try and fit in into what you feel they might like in a person. Don’t try and forcefully alter your personality just to try to get her to like you. This is a mistake so many girls make and they end up with regret in the end. If she can’t love you for who you are, then you are probably not meant for each other. Make sure you set this down from the first date, being your honest self and living life as though you were with a close friend. The energy and aura you emit would be evident. Firstly, homosexual relationships are a bit technical to deal with. Don’t further complicate things by acting as someone else. Only by being self-assured about your real self can you gravitate the right person towards you.

In Conclusion

As a lesbian, fitting into the society and coming out can be very difficult. Along the road, you meet some people who would rather steer clear of you, while some would be complete jerks and openly insult you. This has made many homosexual people, to hide their sexualities. Keep in mind, that you are a normal human who just happens to have a different sexual orientation for one reason or the other. If, however you socialize well, you would meet some completely awesome people who would cherish you as a friend. These friendships would in turn create opportunities for you to meet new people who could even be potential partners. In all, make sure you are flexible in your choices and always be yourself. You deserve fun, you deserve love, no matter what your sexual orientation might be. Keep your head high and embrace yourself!

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