Reading Body Language; Stepping Up Your Game

The modern world is fast. No one wants to waste their time over anything. Knowing the status of things as soon as possible is the desired motive. This also applies to casual relationships. You might have met someone on an online platform and decided to meet up. The first thing that should be your priority is getting to know if things would escalate. Thus, you want to judge their interest levels once you see face-to-face. This article gives you tips on how you can identify if someone is genuinely interested in you or not. This way, you know where you are heading to and can make decisions without wasting time.

Eye Talk

A powerful tool to use to judge interest is a person’s eyes. The popular expressions “glint in the eyes” or “sparkle in the eyes” as an indication of interest are referred to here. When someone is genuinely interested in another, it creates excitement and a gland in the eyes secretes fluid which gives the eyes a shiny look. Beautiful right? This has been a judging standard for a long time and is very effective. Another way to judge via the eyes is to look out for eye contact. When someone sustains or locks eye contact with you and pays full attention to you especially when you are conversing, then they are likely interested in you. If they do the reverse of the above outlined, then you might have to start scouting for another person. You can’t and shouldn’t try to force it.

Body Orientation

Another good judging standard you can use to assess attraction is their body orientation relative to you. If someone is interested in you, they would likely face you and move in close to you. They want to look at you and their whole body faces yours. Leaning in closer displays interest. They don’t mind you breaching their personal space and them yours. Their sitting angle would be a good description to you. If someone you like leans into you so much, you might lucky to even get a kiss at the end of the date. Observe their whole body language and listen to it. Don’t go against what it tells you.

Breaking the Touch Barrier

This is one of the most assertive ways by which people show interest. If the person breaks the touch barrier with you and strokes your arms or any other part of your body, then they are likely into you. If, however you notice or they tell you that they are shy but they show all the interest signs outlined above, then you can take that as your cue to break the touch barrier. But take caution and be very polite with it. Don’t touch personal areas, instead think arms and fingers. If they don’t recoil and allow you, then you can be sure that they are interested in you. Another sign to look for is exaggerated hand gesturing. Excitement causing people to lose their guard and they tend to gesture a lot when describing something to you.


If you are the one whose body language is being read, and you sincerely are not interested in escalating things with a partner, nothing beats voicing out politely. Don’t be rude, instead let them know about your disinterest in a mature way. If, however you are worried that it might turn out awkward, then you can apply using body language to show disinterest. Such tips include: Turning your whole body away from them, avoiding eye contact or looking away. Turning your eyes away to something else passes across the message of disinterest.

In Conclusion

Getting to know from the first date your interest levels, is an important factor to ensure success in casual relationships. Body language is there to you rescue and puts you in the know early on avoiding wastage of time. Outlined above are very easily spotted and straightforward words or statements in the body language vocabulary that would put at a vantage point. The world is fast, you are too. This way, you know whether to proceed or to pick up your virtual lenses and resume searching for another potential partner.

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