Hookups; Setting the Scene

A glorious day it is. You have succeeded in playing your part, giving off that amazing aura and now you have a first time hookup partner coming over. You want to sustain the momentum, that has led you this far.

However, you are worried because this is one of the few hookups you have had and you’re still not well versed in the area. You want to maintain your A-game and make this a memorable encounter. So the question is how? What are the things you are meant to put in place?

This article gives your answers to your questions, helping you clear your doubts. You are awesome and that is why they’re coming over, keep that in mind. The points outlined would help you set the scene to maximize comfort for both you and your partner, the end result being a date to remember.


Start with Your Bedroom

When you have someone coming over, there’s a possibility you might make out, or even have sex in some other room. But in most cases, you eventually find your way to the bedroom. Your bedroom should be your forte, it should be tidy and appealing. Use scented candles or any other scents to douse the room, with a pleasant aroma. This would appeal to the senses and encourage further comfort. All trash and unwashed laundry should not be found anywhere close by. Another thing you must eliminate are items that suggest you have had previous trysts in the room; A big no. You do not want to come off to your partner, as one who has slept with a whole town. The fact that its casual, doesn’t mean that you should make your partner feel bad.


Work on Your Outward Appearance

With your environment out of the way, you want to work on your outlook next. Create a clean and fresh appearance for yourself. The aim is to look enticingly sexy and nicely groomed. If it’s a shave or a haircut you need to get, then do just that. As a man, you don’t have to carry excessively large beards. And as a woman, shave your pubic areas clean. You might have dry lips or skin, for this, get appropriate balms and moisturizers respectively. All these efforts would be noticed by your partner, and you’ll be rewarded for them. You don’t want to look out of place in the sexy bedroom you just put in place. Instead, be the royal majesty of your palace.


Your aroma is your unspoken language

Of everything you are doing, an important factor is smelling nice. Give your partner a reason to sustain your hugs and lean close to you. A good perfume can significantly increase your confidence too. Apart from you, let your environment smell nice too. You don’t want them coming to a stinking environment and occupant, this is a great turnoff. It is fully reasonable that your environment should be structured in a way that maximizes comfort and is favorable to all senses. This still calls for moderation. There is no need to empty your whole cologne bottle after you shower, instead apply it in a way that makes a statement but is not overbearing. Apply your cologne on spots where your partner is likely to perceive it when you start making out.


Set-up your Armory

Just like battle, you should be ready to handle the worst-case scenarios. As your date progresses, you don’t know where it might lead to. If for example, you eventually want to engage in kinky sex, that shouldn’t be the time you are looking for the necessary items. Set everything in place beforehand, and keep an open mind for the wildest possibilities. This would give you the ability to flow with sudden or autonomous scenarios. These unplanned dimensions of your hookup can be extremely sexy and you don’t want to miss out on the opportunity when it suffices. Get your gear in order, so you’re prepared to descend into uncharted territory when the time comes.


Dress to kill

You want to appear in an attire that appeals sexually to your partner. As a woman, you don’t want to be wearing granny clothes and as a man you’re not wearing a complete 3-piece suit. Wear something appropriately revealing, that would give your partner an image of something to look forward to. When picking an outfit, try them out and as a friend for sincere comments on how you look, you are not always the best judge on your appearance. But still, tread lightly because as you know, things might get intense all of a sudden and your carefully chosen outfit might be rendered to pieces. So, don’t pick something too valuable. It’s all about balance between simplicity and sexy.


What you eat counts

A common error people make before hookups, is that they eat the wrong foods at the wrong time. You should brush your teeth, then avoid foods that tend to have or contain ingredients with persistent taste and smell. Instead, eat sweet foods whose traces can easily be expelled from the mouth. Also, have a surplus amount of sweet foods and drinks (especially wine) both before and during the hookup. This would help you keep a fresh mouth and your partner would enjoy kissing you. You do not want to eat food with pepper or a strong odor before your hookup, hell no. If you do so and then engage in oral sex, the results could be disastrous. Also, the strong odor of foods in the mouth could be a turn off. Keep your mouth sweet and flushed with drinks.


Have your pantry well stocked

As outlined above, you should have a good amount of food available. After several rounds of hot trysts, you might get hungry again. You don’t want to go to bed hungry, leaving our partner disappointed, be considerate. Apart from eating, some food items are good for kinky sex. Licking off fruits, chocolate and whip cream from your partner’s body is a kinky way to go. Another valuable item to keep stored are ice cubes. They have proven to be a source of intense, thrilling pleasure when used in the right way on the skin. Eat and have fun!


Have a set of condoms available

You are an adult, hence you are in charge of your own safety and protection. Keep not just one or two condoms, but have a whole pack. Before your partner arrives, get your condoms ready. There is a wide variety of brands out there, manufactured to give you maximum pleasure while still giving you security, get some. You don’t want to be rushing out at night to get condoms as that would be a great turn off. Experiment with condoms with different flavored scents and textures. Your safety should be prioritized and is your responsibility. Do not let any partner persuade you to have unprotected sex. It actually does feel more pleasurable but is not worth the risk. Security first.


Create a playlist for the mood

This can serve as a great way to lighten the mood and while away time, when you don’t have much to say. You can both dance to sexy tunes and get in the groove. This would help lighten the mood and make you more comfortable with each other. A fun tip to guide you is that the tempo of the song you choose can affect the tempo of the rest of the night. If you want slow, passionate love making, then a song with a slow tempo and calm rhythm is appropriate. On the reverse, aggressive and kinky sex calls for such genre. If in doubt of how the night might go, its advised you create a playlist combining both possibilities, so that you’re free to choose the rhythm you want.

What it all boils down to

All your activities, decisions and planning have led to this point. You are getting into this to have a good time with another individual. Always keep this in mind. If care is not taken, you can get carried away with planning and strategizing that you forget the real purpose for your hookups. It’s all about balance. Also, know how to combine naughtiness and dirty talk with openness respect for boundaries. Learn to let your guard and defenses down and keep an open mind; be always ready to gain new experiences. In two words, have fun.


Final thoughts

This is it. The results of all your careful planning and scheming are coming forth. Efforts made by you are bound to be noticed by your partner and would be rewarded accordingly. Getting things in order before time would make you prepared to handle sudden developments. While you’re at it, keep in mind that your physical appearance of both you and your environment go a long way. Stay creative and come up with unexpected ideas that would surprise your partner, this all adds to the thrill. Lastly, have fun while staying safe. This is probably one of the most important points to make. Staying alive and healthy is fully your responsibility.

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