Hookup Tips; 10 Fun Things to Try

Routine; doing the same thing over and over again ultimately leads to boredom. People engage in hookups for the thrill of the experience. Hookups are a great way to explore hidden fantasies, experience intense pleasure and escape ecstatically from the world. But if you’re a very sexually active person, there is a high tendency for you to lose the excitement you once had, you get bored and are no longer thrilled by the experience. How can you avoid this? It’s simple, you should move your sex up the kinky scale to higher levels. It could range from simple hair-tugging and role-play to the more advanced bondage sex and introduction of sex toys. This article gives you an overview of new things to try that can add spice to your sex life, unlocking new levels of ecstasy for both you and your hookup partner.


Be in Charge

When hooking up, avoid overanalyzing. Hookups are not static but are flexible experiences, anything can happen. Overthinking would generally lead to an unsatisfactory experience. You should be in charge and asseverate what you want. Also, as hookups should be dynamic, you should too. You should not be rigid and unbendable, but instead be able to adapt to new scenarios. For instance, your partner might be controlling, hence you should be able to adapt and become submissive as he/she would love this. And if they’re docile, then your dominant side should manifest. You know how to fit into their character.  In all, this would help you create a thrilling tryst for both you and your partner.


Express Yourself

A lot of hookups have ended up disappointing or unsatisfactory because partners do not know how to be open or express themselves. When hooking up, you want to let your partner know what you enjoy and what you’re feeling in real time. Do not leave your partner to assume what you want but instead take control. Feel free to express your naughty side if your partner is down for it. You should also try to figure out what excites your partner by introducing naughty chit chat. Remember, the key to having a pleasurable experience is to avoid being selfish, but making your hookup partner enjoy the experience too. His/her pleasure would then be mirrored onto you.


The Art of Role Play

 Sexual fantasies and imaginations are things you don’t usually express out in public. Hookups provide the portal to fulfilment of these buried desires. When hooking up, you can introduce role play to spice up the experience. Be expressive, imaginative and take on the character of your choosing to your best ability. You and your partner should have discussed what you would both like to try out before you put them into play. Remember, you might not be a professional actor/actress so you might fall from the character, but that doesn’t mean you can’t have fun. Be confident and try your best to fit in, your partner would see your effort as it is what counts.


There Are Other Rooms

Your hookups do not revolve around the bedroom only. You and your partner could start getting naughty, before you enter the building for instance at the doorway. You could spank your partner naughtily while climbing the stairs. When inside, you could start making out in the living room. All these, are little fantasies in themselves and add spice to your sex life. They give an element of unexpected astonishment and can initiate a pleasurable ride. Creativity is key and would excite your partner. Take a little care however, to not come off as excessively aggressive or assaulting. Get to understand the character of your partner, before trying out new levels of kinky.


Learn How to Put On a Good Show

Cleopatra was a queen in the last century B.C, that seduced the greatest men in her time, from lords to including two kings. Cleopatra was not exactly beautiful, but had one power she had perfected; she knew how to embody a man’s fantasies and carry her victims on a theatrical streak. She provided constant variety- costumed parties, organized battles etc to her victims’ delight. You don’t need to go to such lengths to have the same effects. Instead, for example make dramatic entrances from the bathroom. Add a touch of drama to activities you both get involved in. This way, boredom does not set in. Be a spectacle and always carry a transcended appearance.


The Pleasure in The Build-up

Take your time and relish each moment. You don’t need to rush into sex, for you can generate immense pleasure in foreplay. Men in general, tend to think that women respond as fast as they do in terms of arousal and readiness for sex. This is a common misconception. As a man, move at a speed a fraction of that which you consider suitable when touching a woman. Give her pleasure, but yet be confident without being aggressive when engaging in foreplay. As a woman, take things at a slow place and encourage him/her with naughty talk. Tempt him seductively and make him desire more; men love this. Perhaps, you two want to roughen things up. Then you should take your time and ease into it, not start immediately. This would give you time to enjoy yourselves and create the possibility of multiple climaxes.


The Kink in The Rope

Rope play is unconventional and quite kinky, hence not everyone might be down for it. However, if your partner is down for it, then you can try it out. And if you’re the one that likes rope play, then you can ask your partner if they want to try it out. Whichever way you decide to go, make sure its voluntary for the both of you. Also, learn to mirror or fit in to the personality of your partner. If your partner is docile, then you should be dominant and vice versa. Ease into it by first foreplay, before bondage. Also, remember to pre-discuss safe-words for the both of you that you can use if you’re not comfortable.


Blindfolds and Their Magic of Heightening Senses

The thrill of the unexpected can exponentially increase the amount of pleasure you derive from hookups. Not knowing what might happen next puts you in intense suspense, with a touch of danger. This is extremely exciting. Using blindfolds removes your mind’s dedication to the eyes and heightens your senses in other parts of your body. You can fondle with your partner’s erogenous zones, kiss and breathe on their sensitive spots. Exploit this advantage and create a sensual, suspense-filled, thrilling experience. Proper use of blindfolds, combined with efficient strokes, caresses and movements would ignite a wildfire of raging hormones in both you and your partner in a short time.


Take On the Role of the Ardent Rake; Be Daring

The Duke de Richelieu (1710) was one of the greatest seducers of all time. Well known for his reputation, concerned fathers and husbands kept their wives and daughters under tight surveillance, for fear of the Duke. This only encouraged him more, as he lived for challenges and he organized endless trysts in the most shocking places. A good example was when the Duke crawled on a thin wooden plank balanced between two upper-floor windows, just to reach a woman locked in the house by her husband. He displays the figure of a knight in shining armor. You don’t have to go to such lengths, but the sense of danger that you can be caught is ecstatic. You shouldn’t do it in a place you know you’ll definitely get caught, but rather create the idea that you can be seen. The thrill is in knowing that it is risky, but you can avoid being caught.


The Art of Body Worship

Defined as the art of physically revering a part of another person’s body in sexual acts. Spice things up by claiming ownership of a body part, loosen up and be confident. Body worship is ultimately sexy and exciting. When engaging in body worship, make sure you use dirty talk and make your partner completely submissive to you. They are not to touch you. Make your partner see you’re in control and do not have doubts about yourself. This would excite them all the more, creating a fulfilling

experience for the both of you.


In Short

Your safety should be paramount. Do not engage in unprotected sex and any new thing you’re trying should be voluntary for both you and your partner. Abuse and coercion should not in any way be tolerated. Also, be considerate keeping in mind that you are both humans, your partner would also have his/her fantasies, expectations and turn offs. You should discuss this before you even start making out. Get to understand the personality of your partner to help you adapt. Once you get comfortable with each other and all conditions are set in place, have fun!

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