Hookup Tips for Ladies; A Woman’s Diary

Roles have been reversed, the reign of arranged partners nearly flushed out, and now women can choose partners they want. As a woman, there are times when you just want to hang out and meet new people. You are ready to let your guard down for a few hours, after all, you just want to have fun. The modern day society offers a lot of opportunities to meet people from clubs to double dates etc. While there are a lot of potential hookup partners around, you need to keep in mind that you have competition who could be other beautiful ladies around or even your friends. This calls for an advanced gameplay where you construct your image and control your environment to attract the partner you want. This article gives you an outline of simple yet powerful tips you can follow when going out, helping you ensure great success in your hookups.


Disregard Your Former Premonitions About Men

You may have heard so many things about what to do when you’re with a man to get a particular outcome and other jargon. Don’t let such advice or premonitions control the way you behave. This is a game and there are no rules. There is no particular outcome that must surface when you behave in a particular way, as each man is different. You should be yourself and relax. When you meet a new man, assume he is a special person and comport yourself accordingly. You might have heard that physical attractiveness in a man is what ensures that you enjoy his company. Indeed, it goes a long way if the man is attractive, but don’t set your heart in stone that a less attractive man would be less capable of making you enjoy yourself. You may end up being baffled by the outcome.


Look Distinctively Splendid

The peacock is an animal that stands out from others because of its beautiful plumage. While at the zoo, you would notice how spectators are dazzled by its majesty. This also applies to real life human situations. When going out, you want to stand out while still looking beautiful. Keep in mind that there would be other beautifully dressed women there. But be like the peacock. Display colors that would make you easily spotted but do so with proper styling and art. Merging colors is tricky but once you get the hang of it, you are ultimately powerful. Avoid following the crowd and dressing to a fad. You’ll just end up looking like everyone else. Instead make a statement with your outfit, ensnared men would come flocking.


Perfect Your Eye Contact Game

Your eyes are a powerful tool you can use to send messages to potential partners. Men scout around with their eyes. When someone you’re interested in looks your way, sustaining eye contact would give him the message that he can approach you. On the reverse, someone who stares at you for too long might come off as a weirdo. It is advisable to discourage approach by avoiding further eye contacts. Everyone has an ego and it is especially pronounced in men. When you look at a man and sustain eye contact, it’ll help him lower his guard and he is likely to approach you.


He Has Approached You, What Next?

You have lured a man with your brilliant appearance and he looked at you. You sustained eye contact and he has summoned the courage to talk to you, what next? This is where you skillfully suggest what you want. You should flirt with him but not excessively so you don’t come off as cheap. Some men are timid, hence you should lighten the mood by indirectly asking questions and throwing in funny comments from time to time. This would help him loosen up. When you flirt properly, you would find yourself being comfortable and he would too. You should also be the one break the touch barrier. With suggestive contact he would know that you won’t be freaked out if contact escalates. In all, show that you are fun to be with but not too cheap to get either. He also has to work a bit.


Don’t Get Drunk

When you’re around someone you just met, you might be edgy and there is a tendency to want to loosen up by taking shot after shot. Remember, you are trying to build an image here. A little alcohol in your system can indeed help you loosen up but once its attained, hit the brakes. You want to enjoy every instant and have a good time. Do not dull your senses and lose your coordination around this dazzling stranger. Keep yourself in control always so that you won’t wake up having a severe hangover, trying to recall the events of the night. Having remarkable hookups should be your priority and you want to relish every moment. Staying sober would give you that power of awareness and all your decision making would be done fully conscious.


A Good Opportunity; Use It

Casual hookups provide great opportunities to try out that sexual fantasy you have been dying for. Remember this is likely a one-time thing and you should free to tell him what you want to experiment with. Coincidentally, both of you might end up having similar fantasies. Sometimes, you might have fantasies that you may find embarrassing. To handle this, you should slowly build up to that point as you get more and more free around each other. A gentle easing into uncharted fantasies is recommended to dampen out the effect, instead of making sudden requests. This would help you enjoy your hookups to the fullest with you crossing out items on your to-do-list.


Your 50 shades of Kinky; Your Safe Word

You might be one who enjoys unconventional sex. You might like to try out role play when you’re in bed. You might like using sex toys when having intercourse. All these are extremely capable in adding spice to your hookups and heightening your climaxes. But keep in mind that they must be voluntary for both of you. You must have both discussed a ‘safe word’ you’ll use when you want him to pause or stop. If your partner disregards your safe-word it is advised you stop your tryst. There must be boundaries set in place beforehand and he must respect them. You should make sure you’re on the same page when deciding what you want to experiment with. Taking things to the next level on a kinky scale might just be simply trying out new positions. In all, it should be a pleasured-filled, satisfying experience.


Safety; Your Watchword

Remember, you just met this person and there was no time to get to the hospital to run blood tests. For all you know, him/her may have an infection or disease and it is a risk you don’t want to take. Do not allow your one-night stand partner cajole you into unprotected sex.  Do not jeopardize your future for some few hours of pleasure. Always carry some condoms along; don’t always expect the man to bring them. You value your health and your life, treat it with care. It is easy to fall for the temptation to have unprotected sex, when you have started making out already. In fact, sex without a condom is more pleasurable but is immensely risky. There are great condoms on the market that have been manufactured thin enough to give you pleasure, close to that of unprotected sex. Always carry at least one along in case he doesn’t. Enjoy yourself but your safety comes first.


Ensuring Your Sex Is Ecstatic

Sex is not something you rush into; hence you should discuss beforehand what you both want. If you like things kinky then you should let him know. If there’s any fantasy you want to try to out, you both should be in the know. Its only by communication that you can both go into bed and achieve glorious orgasms. Also, learn to voice out when you’re having sex. Your body is different from that of the last girl he had sex with. You might enjoy choking or you might be extremely sensitive in a particular area. Only by telling him what you like can he know how to please you.


You Fancy Him? Retain Him

So you might find that you’re starting to fall for this stranger and wanting to see him again. This is natural, so do not beat yourself about it. However, tread cautiously when letting him know. Most guys might not be looking for a serious relationship and might zoom off if they feel you’re trying to get them committed. Instead, suggest it carefully and let him know your time together was fulfilling. Cajole him indirectly to make him ask if you want to hang out again. Only give him your digits if you actually want you guys to hang out again. The process is slow but sure. For all you know, he might like you too. With time if you both fancy each other, it will progress into something serious. And if you’re not interested in a second meet-up, then be direct and let him know. This would save you a lot of stress and awkwardness in the future.


In Conclusion

In all, place yourself as your priority. You want to share an enjoyable moment with a reasonable person and you should act as such. Make sure you stay coordinated and in control of both yourself and your environment. You’re here to make a statement and enjoy yourself. If you meet someone that intrigues you sincerely, don’t hesitate to show interest in a controlled way and be polite when dismissing people, you might not be interested in. Whatever you want to try out, should be previously voiced out and should be eased into; enjoy every moment. Also, stay safe as its your job not anyone else’s. Lastly, keep an open mind. Your hookup might lead to a date and then a relationship, let it flow.

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