Dating Advice for Adults with Perceptive Challenges

Success in relationships, whether casual or emotional depends on a couple of key factors. These include; proper communication, ability to read body language, healthy sexual life etc. The main focus of this article is on the body language side to relationship success. Adults suffering from with challenges of perception often find it very difficult to read a potential partner’s body language. Given below are tips that can help you discern what a partner is trying to say by use of their body language.

Face Language

Excitement or interest in somebody can be easily identified from a person’s face. There is involuntary lifting of the eyebrows when someone is genuinely intrigued by you. This can serve as a good basis by which you evaluate their level of interest in you. Another common sign is the popular glint or sparkle in the eyes. While some people have assigned myths to this phenomenon, it can be scientifically explained. On excitement a particular tear gland in the eyes produces fluid that give the eyes a glossy look. This is the common phenomenon that has been used for centuries to describe true attraction.

Hypnotic Mirroring

This is a tool used by psychologists and hypnotists to insinuate interest on a subconscious level. It describes an imitation of the other person’s body disposition or movement. When you mirror someone, you make their mind think that you were meant to be at the level of the subconscious. If they stand, you stand and if they lean in to you, do the same. However, don’t make it too obvious what you are trying to do so you don’t come off as weird. Or worst still, if your partner is well-knowledgeable, they can figure out that you are trying to mirror them. On the reverse, you can look out to observe if your partner is mirroring your own body language, as this suggests interest.

A Boundary Between You Two

Look out for boundaries or bars between you two. If you notice crossing of arms, turning the legs to another direction or putting a physical barrier between you two, they are likely uninterested and you should not waste your time. Move on to people with positive responses like paying attention to you and looking at you, uncrossed arms and legs etc. Don’t waste your time with someone who is not interested in you. There are so many other potential partners who would grant your desires.

Lean in and See Their Reaction

This is probably one of the best ways to judge attraction or interest levels. Activate it by slightly infiltrating their private space; about a foot from the face. Notice their reaction. If they move away or lean backwards, then they are likely not interested. However, sustaining the distance or moving closer to you is a very good sign of interest. A smile from them at such close quarters is almost certainly a sign of interest. Letting you into their personal space and being comfortable with it means they are likely to be accessible for an intimate conversation.

In Conclusion

Body language describes the unspoken hints at what is and what might be. Being able to read a person’s body language properly can give you an advantage in strategic planning. That way, you are less likely to be rejected as there is a lower risk level. You can simply steer clear of those with negative body language and gravitate towards those with the right signals. Also learn to use your body language to send messages to people you are with. If you like them, show interest by leaning in and smiling. The glint in your eyes would be evident. And even if you are not interested, let them know politely. Don’t be rude to anyone. Everyone deserves fun, if you can’t give it then just ease yourself away.

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