Creating a flawless profile; What you need to know

Adult dating sites have experienced exponential increase in the number of people signing up to them. The reason is attributed to how easy it makes meeting people, and the fact that you can control what you want to see. With your mobile phone, you have access to millions of potential partners, how awesome! However, online dating sites come with their own challenges. The first thing any person sees when you text them or when they’re scouting is your profile. And in just few seconds, whether a successful hookup will be realized or not is determined. This article gives you guidelines on how to set up your profile, ensuring you don’t join the crowd of those who don’t arouse interest.

Standing out

Nothing commands more attention and respect than appearing to be distinct or different from others. This should be your watchword and should guide you in all your decisions. You want to create a profile that would make your potential partners hit their brakes and want to explore. Stand out!

Your Pictures First

First, make sure upload you most recent pictures. You don’t want to post your high-school graduation photo with your mom and sister, come on! You just look like someone who can’t let go of their past. Good pictures are the first main thing you need. You can even consult the services of a professional photographer if needed. The appropriate content of photos you need are outlined below.

Use photos where showing you doing different things

Create a good profile album showing you in different places, doing different things. Post photos showing you in action and another with a big grin. For group photos, make sure you can easily be distinguished from the rest. And please, don’t go nude.

Show yourself playing at a park

Pictures taken in the summer where you wear light and are free to move without worrying about the weather, give a warm feel and are attractive. If however you are in winter, some good effect can still be achieved by taking photos inside; with some sweaters on for sure.

Your profile bio

This is where you describe yourself in words. An extension of your photo, you need to create a good profile description or bio. Even if your photos are extremely attractive and sexy, a bad bio would negate the effect. When used well, it serves as a reinforcement for your profile photo and is constructive. Follow these steps.

Don’t be conventional or stereotyped

Remember, you are trying to stand out. Setting up your profile with words and in a way that is very common would not get you anywhere. No one cares about your name or where you stay, or when you finished high school! Be creative. The problem with most bios is that they are robotic; they all sound alike. Exploit this to your advantage and be distinct.

Describe your avocations

Let your profile know what you like to do in your free time. Make sure it is something fun and easily identifiable with. Hobbies give your viewers an image of things they would imagine to like to try; and possibly with you.

A little hint of smart

You can hint a good amount of brilliance and intelligence by putting that you read in a fun way. However, take care to not come off as a nerd. Don’t go using big words even if you are one. Instead, put it in a fun and warm manner. For example, “I enjoy going to the park with headphones, to sit and read.”

The touch of a gamer

In recent times and surprisingly at that, both sexes are taking interest in gaming at an impressive rate. You can put that you are a gamer on your profile, but take care as these can be easily associated with loneliness. Don’t sound like the nerd who can sit in their spot for 8 hours on end watching anime and hitting their game pad.

Music concerts

Everyone loves open-air concerts featuring their favorite stars. You can put this on your bio as one of the things you love. Except your definition of live music is opera, a lot of people would be able to relate. Things that excite and provide a little hint of danger too are immensely attractive. You might like to risk running run red lights. Be careful however, that your potential partner is not a law enforcement officer!

Show self-assurance

Don’t go on talking about how sad you were when your pet died, or how brokenhearted you were when your ex cheated on you. What! No one gives a damn about that and moreover you’ll come off as a cry baby. Instead say things that portray your self-assurance, how good you expect life to be for you and how you are on top of your game.

Be scrupulous

Be sincere about your stats like your age, height, how fit you are, your appearance etc. This would do you a lot of good by preventing awkward situations. It is a bit technical to prove how honest you can be, but try saying a truth about something most people would lie about. This would give you the desired air of distinction.

Avoid syntax and spelling errors

Especially as a guy, women tend to want to see how good your written language is and you don’t want to disappoint. If you are finding it hard, then just use simple words. It’s better to keep things simple, than make a mistake trying to impress. Avoid using big grammar to avoid intimidating people. No one wants to talk with you like they are some character in Shakespeare’s The Hamlet.

Be concise and straight to the point

Remember, there are so many other profiles they can look through. Don’t tell the story of your life or your family’s history on your bio. Go straight to the point and make things brief. This way, your viewers won’t get bored and they can absorb you in time.

In Conclusion; Other things to try

Having a second or even a third idea from honest friends, preferably of the same gender you are trying to attract is a very good idea. Let them evaluate your profile; pictures, description and all. They would tell you some few tweaks to make it better.

Also, try to keep the contents of your up to date. As the years go by, you would experience both physical and mental changes. Post recent photos often, edit your bio and let it mature as you do. If you have a new relationship status, put it up.

In the end, let everything you put up have a touch of excitement and fun to it. That is what you want to both start and end with.

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